Open Ticket Information - 2024 CHIMIRO in Seoul

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[Concert information]

∙ Concert Title : CHIMIRO in Seoul

∙ Date and time : April 6, 2024 (Saturday)

∙ When : 5:00PM / 8:00PM (total 2 times)

∙ Where : Musinsa Garage (formerly Watcha Hall)

∙ Ticket price : KRW 88,000 (tax included)

∙ Age Group : 8 years and older

∙ Running time : 80 minutes in total (no intermission)

∙ Reservation Site : Open only for Interpark ticket


[Introducing the concert]

The second trip to CHIMIRO, which began as JKS's hobby, begins.

What would be their travel story after a successful debut?

Our moments

Their journey will start again in Seoul on April 6.


[Ticket opening schedule]

Membership Early Reservation (one ticket per concert reserved)

Official FC Membership certification period: February 22, 2024 (Thu) 11:00AM - February 23, 2024 (Fri) 05:00PM (KST)

Official FC Membership Early Reservation : February 26, 2024 (Mon) 8:00PM to February 29, 2024 (Thu) 4:59PM (KST)

General reservation: March 4, 2024 (Mon) 8:00PM~(KST)

General reservations are made according to the remaining quantity after FC Membership Early Reservation

After participating in FC Membership Early Reservation, you can also participate in general reservations.

(There is no limit to the number of tickets per concert for general reservations.)


[FC Membership Early Reservation announcement]

∙ FC Membership Early Reservation will be held from 8:00PM on February 26 (Mon) to 4:59PM (KST) on February 29 (Thu).

∙ FC Membership Early Reservation for this concert can only be purchased by those who have completed official membership certification with Interpark tickets among the official fan club CRI-J 15th members.

(One ticket per person per concert / Reservations can be made for fan club authentication from 11:00 AM on February 22 (Thu) to 05:00 PM on February 23 (Fri))

∙ Those who fail to complete membership authentication within the FC pre-authentication period cannot make advance reservations,

It will be a general reservation that will be opened later, so please make sure to authenticate within the period.

∙ Please check the information below regarding the FC certification method and make sure that there is no disadvantage in FC Membership Early Reservation.

∙ Members who purchase tickets in FC Membership Early Reservation can also make additional purchases when making general reservations.

∙ If the deposit is not confirmed within a fixed period after the reservation is completed, the ticket will be canceled automatically.


[FC Authentication Method]

Official fan club CRI-J15th member certification period

February 22, 2024 (Thu) 11:00AM - February 23 (Fri) 05:00PM (KST)

1) Please Check Interpark ticket (PC (web), mobile) site and log in with your ID (please complete the Interpark membership registration in advance)

2) Click "FC Authentication" on the reservation page after login is complete

3) "When registering for the official fan club "CRI-J", enter your name/email address."

For English, please enter case letters and spacing correctly

Ex) Name: Jang Keunsuk / Email:


4) authentication completion

- FC authentication is possible on PC (web) and mobile.

- Once authenticated, you do not need to re-authenticate when logging in again.

- Only one Intepark ID can be authenticated, and the name of the Interpark ID owner must be the same as that of the fan club member.

- If you do not authenticate yourself after registering your simple membership ID, FC advance is not possible, so please obtain pre-identification through mobile phone or I-PIN personal authentication in advance.

- Before FC Membership Early Reservation, please click the [FC Authentication] button to confirm that FC authentication has been completed and proceed with the reservation.

- If you still receive authentication errors after filling out the correct FC information, please contact Interpark Ticket Customer Center at 1544-1555.


[Guidance for reservation]

∙ This concert will be held with all seats standing.

∙ We will give you an admission wristband after identification and ticket confirmation when you enter.

We will check the admission wristband and provide alcohol (non-alcoholic for minors) when checking the age.(One drink per person only)
You may not be able to choose between alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages if the amount of preparation is exhausted.

We will let you know more about this later.

∙ Depending on the stage structure and handrails, some seats may not be visible.

∙ Non-official ticket purchases are non-cancellable/refundable, and the production company and the place of reservation are not responsible for any problems caused by this.

∙ All tickets received cannot be reissued for any reason, such as loss or damage, and admission is not possible without tickets, so please keep them.


[Announcement of ticket delivery and cancellation]

∙ To prevent congestion in the reservation booth on the day of the concert, concert tickets are operated by bulk delivery in Korea and on-site receipt only in overseas cases.

∙ Ticket delivery is not by regular courier.

In the case of delivery, it cannot be stored in a security room or mailbox, so please set up a shipping address at your workplace/home where you can receive it, and if you are forced to do so, make sure that your agent can receive the ticket directly.

∙ You can't cancel online after the ticket has been delivered.For cancellation or return inquiries, please use the Interpark Ticket Customer Center at 1544-1555.

∙ Please note that all tickets cannot be canceled or refunded on the day of the concert after the reservation deadline.

∙ Ticket refunds will be processed according to the reservation rules, so please check the refund rules before proceeding.


[Announcement regarding ticket loss]

∙ distributed tickets cannot be reissued if they are lost.

If you have set up a shipping address at your workplace/home where you can receive it, and you are forced to do so

Please ask the courier and agent to receive it carefully and keep the ticket.

∙ The person who made the reservation himself/herself cannot enter or reissue the ticket with a reservation confirmation certificate, deposit certificate, card statement, etc. other than the actual ticket.


[Common Information]

On the day of the concert, the reservation booth will be operated from 2 hours before the concert starts to 30 minutes after the concert starts.

When you receive a ticket, make sure to bring your identification card and reservation details (including reservations in the mobile app).

* What is an identification card that can be identified?

- A resident registration card, passport, driver's license, etc. with a photo of the person

If you purchase a ticket that is not an official procedure, you cannot cancel/refund it, and the production company and the reservation company are not responsible for any problems caused by this.


[company information]

Sponsored by : CRAFT42ENT Co., Ltd

host company : Bonboo Entertainment Co., Ltd

Reservation Site : Interpark ticket ( )


*Please contact Interpark Ticket Customer Center at 1544-1555 for reservation inquiries.