No.1 The additional recruitment for 2018 JKS official Fan club membership, Cri J 9th (EN) 등록일 : 2017-12-18 18:24:30
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Hi Cri!! 
This is Tree J Company.

There will be the additional recruitment for 2018 JKS official Fan club membership, Cri J 9th.

If you miss the recruitment period, please join now.

1. The recruitment period

- The recruitment period for Korean and overseas eels is same.

- In KOREAN time 
  Monday December 18th, 2017 19:00 ~ Friday December 22nd, 2017 23:00 

2. The membership is good for one year starting January 1st, 2018.

January 1st, 2018~ December 31st, 2018 ( 1 year)

3. Privileges of full membership

1) Online Service
        ① Can use fan club full members-only homepage 
        ② Can participate (only for full members)

2) Offline Service 
       ① Can acquire a priority to participate (only for full members) in off-line events 

  ** You CANNOT receive the membership good for the additional recruitment.

4. How to Join (All Members)

  * Please see the attached file

5. Joining Procedure

1) Go to and fill out the application.
2) Check your e mail address which you write on your application and verify your e-mail address.
   #You might NOT receive the authentication mail from us because it is sometimes marked as spam. 
   # However, you can move on to the next step without verifying your e mail.

3) Deposit the correct amount into our account.

4) Cri J will complete your application after checking your payment.

You can check your membership completion by logging in at 신규회원(9기) after making your payment. 

/ We do NOT take questions over the phone. 

/ Please contact us by e-mail ( for ALL questions.


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